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Physical and logical inventory management in telecommunications networks

ConnectMaster™ is a software solution that simplifies the design, construction, and operation of telecommunications networks by providing detailed documentation of all physical and logical resources as well as intelligent analytical tools for automating daily tasks and for network lifecycle management.

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Full network inventory solution

Consolidate passive components, active equipment, and logical network services into a single unified database.

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Save on network design and construction

Plan and optimize network design and construction projects through automation, efficiency, and the lowest possible cost.

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Simplify network operations

Advanced network infrastructure and service management capabilities for operations personnel, allowing for rapid response and reaction to incidents and system growth requirements.

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Desktop and Web Interfaces

A professional GIS-based platform, accessible via desktop and Web interfaces, with responsive navigation for smartphones and tablets, allowing for real-time interaction with field teams.

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APIs for integrations

Possibility of integration with other platforms that make up the ecosystem of OSS/BSS tools within telecom operators and enterprises that own telecommunications systems.

Main features

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  • Integrated documentation of Inside and Outside plants
  • End-to-end view of network infrastructure and services (OSI Layers 1 to 3)
  • GIS platform with different mapping options (Google™, Bing Maps™, OpenStreet Maps™)
  • Logical inventory management, including Ethernet, IP & VLAN, MPLS, WDM, OTN, SDH / SONET, and PDH
  • Documentation of optical, copper and radio frequency networks
  • Support for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint architectures
  • Comprehensive APIs for integration with the OSS/BSS platform ecosystem (REST, SOAP and ASP.NET Web API)
  • Energy infrastructure management
  • Project management, work order emission and other functionalities
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Telecommunication network planning is a critical step in ensuring network quality and lowering system deployment, maintenance, and operation costs.

The ConnectMaster™ framework allows quick access to information, standardization of project rules for multidisciplinary teams, design automation, and scenario simulation, while also providing simultaneous access for multiple users for project development.

  • Design Automation
  • Construction plans
  • Bills of materials and cost control
  • Validation of network engineering
  • Automatic calculation of the optical budget.
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Fulfilling its role as a documentation and mapping software system, ConnectMaster™ supports each stage of the network lifecycle, including the infrastructure construction phase, which is crucial for keeping procedures and activities on schedule and within budget.

  • Construction maps
  • Work orders
  • Connectivity plans generated in Microsoft Visio™ and yWorks™
  • Project schedule management (planned vs. executed scenario)
  • Materials and services cost management of
  • Systems commissioning support.
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ConnectMaster™ enables real-time interaction between engineering and sales teams and processes, allowing the sales team immediate access to network resources as soon as they are made available by the engineering teams. This integration makes it possible to instantly respond to new service feasibility queries, which results in significant cost savings and revenue growth.

  • Feasibility function with advanced algorithms
  • Resource reservation and bringing-into-service management
  • Sales statistics
  • Heatmap
  • Available through API and responsive web interface.
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ConnectMaster™ is a complete telecommunications inventory system that manages physical and logical connections within a single product, enabling management of the many layers of the network operation processes.

  • Combined physical and logical inventory
  • Full view of internal and external plants
  • Resource control
  • Capacity management
  • Automatic routing function for new physical and logical circuits
  • Power network management
  • Room and internal wiring layouts.
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ConnectMaster™ meets the critical requirements for fault management and can depict the logical level with all active devices and transmission structures, allowing you to manage existing services and their relationships to the physical infrastructure.

It also allows for the immediate identification of the services and connections used by your clients when troubleshooting.

  • Failure simulation and impact analysis
  • Maintenance event management
  • Communication with clients
  • Repair work orders
  • End-to-end tracking of physical and logical connections
  • OTDR functionality for precise